LIGHT SKIN Mineral Makeup Foundation 14 Piece COMPLETE SET Pure Natural Minerals With Organic Silk Primer, Full Cover by Intelligent Cosmetics®

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Manufacturer Description

Intelligent Cosmetics Mineral Foundation looks like a powder, feels like a cream and buffs on like silk, improving your natural appeal through nature. Without preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances, and most of bismuth oxychloride (triggers systic acne) and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts. An ideal cosmetic for all skin types and conditions. Our weightless, smooth minerals provide you the perfect protection with the incredible look and feeling of radiant naked skin. This loose mineral structure will provide your skin a natural bright look that stays real all day. Our loose mineral structure accommodates your natural complexion and colours. A non-irritating, skin relaxing and non-comediogenic formula even for those with the most delicate skin. Please Note: these items are not made by large cover or bare important bare minerals. 100% Pure & Natural Always Brand New, Fresh & Safely Packaged Receive a Photo surface whenever. Lightweight and suitable for all varieties of complexion. A natural protection that gives you that natural but consistent look. Not mask-like. The minerals enable enough of your natural tones to reveal through with out compromising. Will not disappear, ideal for the Active and Sport Lifestyles. Great in damp and hot environments. Our all natural formula includes Zinc oxide. Popular for its' sun securing and skin relaxing properties. Never includes Parabens, Talc, Bismuth OxyChloride or other recognized skin irritants.

Product Features

[30 Days 100% Money back satisfaction policy guaranteed] YOUR SET INCLUDES: 2 shades foundation (FAIR & FAIR2) 20ml jar, setting veil 20ml jar, warmth bronzer 20ml jar, highlighter 20ml jar, Bisque multi tasking concealer 10ml jar, Organic silk primer 15ml, 7 PIECE PROFESSIONAL BRUSH SET, the brush set includes long handle kabuki brush, blusher/bronzer brush, highlighter brush, corrector brush, mascara brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow and eye base brush. Our promise to you... [ No Bismuth Oxychloride. No Fillers. No Parabens. No Dyes. No Talc. No Irritants. Gluten-free] Results you can count on... [ Flawless coverage every time. Light/airy feeling on skin. Excellent skin tone matching. Protection from harmful UV rays. Sweat resistant. Perfect for active/sport lifestyles. All-day coverage] Our magic makeup is made from 100% Pure mineral ingredients. A complete coverage foundation with a very natural look. Will not cause irritated itching skin or acne. Great in humid and hot climates. Our all natural formula contains Zinc oxide. Renowned for its sun protecting and skin calming properties. Light weight and suitable for all varieties of skin tones. [Fair: Those with very light skin enjoy this shade.] [Fair 2: Those with darker features but very light skin enjoy this shade.] [Medium: Great for most Caucasian medium skin tone that carry a hint of pink undertones.] [Medium Beige: Great for most Caucasian medium skin tone that carry a hint of beige yellow undertones.] [Medium 2: Great for most Asian medium skin tone or darker Caucasian that carry a hint of beige yellow undertones.] [Warm: Great for most Asian with darker skin tone that carry a hint of darker yellow undertones.] [Light Warm: For those that carry dark yellow skin tones. Asian, Hispanic and some dark skinned Caucasians.] [Medium Tan: Perfect for Caucasians that spend time in the sun or sun booth.] [Dark Warm: Those with a copper shade of brown skin tone. Great for medium skinned darker woman of colour.] [Dark: Those with beautiful dark chocolate skin tone.] [Deep: Those with the deepest darkest brown].

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