4 Tips on the Best Way to Apply Eye Cream

Applying eye lotion is an important part of any skin treatment regimen. Eye lotions could help in reducing puffiness, lighten dark circles as well as make the face appearance usually much more alert and vibrant. However, if you're using eye lotion improperly, you may be doing more damage than good.  Here are a few tips to applying your eye cream the proper way:

  1. Utilize your third (ring) finger.  Although we have heard this a million times it is essential to keep this in mind, as your third finger has the lightest touch, it is much less most likely to pull or pluck the fragile eye location. 
  2. Apply little dots around the eye, over the eye and up to the eyebrow bone and under the eye.  Most us just apply eye cream to the under-eye area, since that's where the dark circles are, however your whole eye location must be hydrated for peak results. 
  3. Delicately tap in the lotion to promote blood flow.  Try not to draw or extend the fragile skin around the eye, and tap up until you feel the eye cream has been absorbed. Focus on trouble area when tapping the cream in. 
  4. If you need to rub in the eye lotion to make sure that it will be absorbed, carefully massage in circular movements but be extremely careful and remember not draw on the skin.