Best Way to Apply Foundation with A Sponge

Foundation can be applied using several techniques, but whatever technique you use, you should know the best way to apply it for a flawless and natural finish.  If you prefer to apply your make-up using a make-up sponge this article provides a guide to the best way to apply make-up with a make-up sponge.

Make-up sponges could come in various shapes and of different quality so it is vital to pick a make-up sponge that attains the very best finish. Keep in mind that top quality sponges are much less permeable and disperse product over the skin far better. The most common types of sponges are:

  • Oval Sponges: suitable for larger faces and a much faster yet much less accurate application.
  • Triangular sponges: one of the most popular, permitting accessibility to all areas of the face.
  • Beauty Blender sponge: a brand-new kind of sponge that is readily available in various forms, giving a consistent finish and adjusting to every spot of the face. Furthermore, they could be cleaned and recycled.

When you have selected the very best sponge for you, cleanse your face with soap and water and use a good face cream to make sure that the skin is prepped and ready for the foundation and other cosmetics. If you want your make-up to last longer, we recommend that you initially apply a pre-base or primer to your entire face, which will help to tighten your skin and minimise flaws much better.

You can now apply your make-up with the sponge. A brilliant technique for a flawless finish, is to first dampen the sponge with a little water and then wringing it out well. This permits the foundation to be equally dispersed, and stops the foundation from collecting and clogging in the dryer areas of your face; the result is a much more flawless and natural application. Equally refrain from dampening the sponge too much as it could leave unattractive marks on your face.

Put a little foundation on the back of your hand and dab the sponge with a small amount of foundation. Using light strokes beginning with the centre of your face, i.e. the main location consisting of the temple, nose and chin, and gradually spread the foundation out into the cheeks and towards the outside of the face. Blend-in the foundation and don’t forget areas like the nostrils and earlobes.