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Handy Quick Tips for Applying Eye Makeup

From the moment that Queen Nefertiti first lined her eyes with black coal many moons ago, women have since then used makeup to accentuate the beauty of their eyes. We have put together some basic quick eye makeup application tips that you can use, whether you are looking for a dramatic eye makeup look or something a little more natural for “everyday wear”.

Before Applying your Eye Makeup

Before applying your eye makeup, be sure t use a concealer. A concealer helps to hide dark circles and wrinkles and act as a base or foundation for your eye makeup. Make sure you choose a concealer that is a slightly lighter shade than your natural skin tone, and using a little blend this well into your skin.

Applying Your Eye Shadow

Then apply your chosen base eye shadow colour in layers and blend these well. Sheer colour goes to the centre of your lid – blend with a sponge applicator or you could use a pencil eye shadow. Then using a eye brush, brush up and out towards your brow, and then nose. Finally apply the deeper shade of colour to the crease of your lid and blend this well.

Highlighting Your Eyes

If you want to highlight your eyes, apply a lighter shade from your eye makeup pallet to your brow bone.

Outlining and Defining Your Eyes

Use an eyeliner pencil to outline the top and bottom of your eye lids. If you are looking to achieve a softer line, then dab little dots on your eye lids and smudge these instead of a straight line.

Pump Up Those Lashes

To make you eyes seem bigger, first separate your lashed with an eye lash separator, then apply a thin coat of mascara. Then separate your lashes again with your eye lash separator or comb and let them dry. Repeat as needed.

Removing Your Eye Makeup

It is very important to make sure that you remove your makeup at the end of the day. The best way to do this is with a cotton ball or pad using a gentle eye makeup remover. Make sure you remove your eye makeup gently being careful not to stress or stretch your skin too much.