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The Difference Between a Face Oil and a Face Serum

  • Face serums are water-based, comprising of vitamins as well as anti-oxidants. Face Serums are chemically developed with smaller sized particles that can pass deeper through the skin, hence making them incredibly beneficial to the skin. Face serums are available in dropper or pump applicators to dispense just the right amount – a little goes a long way. It is best to use 2 to 3 pumps on washed as well as toned skin followed to by your cream of choice.
  • Face oils are made up of a mix of numerous Essential Oils that function to supply optimum beauty. Essential Oils could include over 200 various molecules and have the ideal attraction with our skin's cutaneous lipids as well as working to the core of the skin. These oils are quickly soaked up by the skin, and if you use a reputable, pure and highly concentrated oil, very little is needed - only 2 oe 3 drops, or course followed by your face cream.