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8 Essential Beauty Must Haves

Shopping for make-up can be expensive, but investing in a few good essential beauty products will have a positive effect on your look and will be money well spent. The dilemma is when you accumulate beauty products that you don’t use either because you realise you don’t need them, or worse they are wrong for you. 

Here at BeautyLand, we have thrown together a list of 8 essential beauty must haves for your make-up kit/bag that should save you from making unnecessary purchases. The brand that you choose will be determined by your budget, liking and skin type.

1. Tinted moisturisers: also called BB & CC Creams - unless you're going to a party or special occasion, you don't really need to apply a heavy foundation, which is more suited to harsh lights. Instead buy a good tinted moisturiser. Tinted moisturisers leave your skin with an even, clean and natural look. It also the additional benefit of moisturising your skin.

2. Tweezers: clean eyebrows give your face an instant lift, and with the right brow shape, your face can look fresh and clean. Tweezers are moderately inexpensive and will maybe be the least expensive must-have in your make-up kit. Good tweezers can last you many years, but you will need to look after them.

3. Eyelash curler: This essential tool to curl your lashes can open your eyes, making your eyes look bigger and show off your beautiful eyes.

4. Blush: Flushed cheeks can make a person look positively beautiful and can enhance your natural look. There are numerous blushes available in the market in various forms: powder, gel, pencil and others. Some products double up as both cheek and lip tints.

5. Lipstick: Choosing a good shade of lipstick can carry you from day to night. There are so many varieties of lipstick on the market, and you might indeed own several different shades of lipstick, but you should make sure you have one go-to lipstick that will work for all your outfits. Once you have found a lipstick that works well with your skin tone and outfits, always restock up on this before you run out. This will be your signature shade, something that you can slap on quickly when in a rush and you know it will work!

6. Eyeliner: This useful tool can be used to either outline your eyelids or define your eyebrows. You may choose to make your eyes look bigger or smaller depending on your preference. Pencil eyeliners are perfect as they are inexpensive, and they don't drip.

7. Lip gloss: For days when you do not want to wear make-up but don’t step out of the house looking unkempt, lip gloss can add an instant 'oomph' to your look. Lip gloss are also great when you need to do quick touch ups to your lips.

8. Mascara: Mascara can make you look extra glamorous in no time at all. Invest in a good mascara to make your eyes stand out, and give them instant 'pop'. Mascaras are also brilliant if you are looking to achieve the more dramatic effect of smoky eyes.